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Welcome to the Minami Sushi Blog! Here, we bring the vibrant world of sushi right to your fingertips. Our blog is a celebration of the rich traditions and innovative trends in sushi cuisine. From sharing insider tips on sushi preparation to highlighting the latest promotions and events at Minami Sushi, we cover it all. Whether you’re a sushi aficionado or a newcomer to this exquisite Japanese art form, join us as we explore delightful recipes, share stories from our restaurant, and keep you updated on all things sushi.

Gyoza Banned Edinburh

Edinburgh Festival Fringe: Top 4 Dining Spots

Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2024 is not only the world’s largest arts festival but also a splendid opportunity to dive into a variety of culinary delights. From traditional Scottish dishes to exotic Georgian flavors and sophisticated sushi, the festival’s dining…

Minami Edinburgh Sushi Mother's Day 8 March Banne

Mother’s day & 8 mArch

Celebrate Mother’s Day & 8 March with Sushi in Edinburgh This Mother’s Day & International Women’s Day, immerse yourself in the comforting embrace of Minami Sushi, Edinburgh’s premier sushi destination. Our specially curated menu for these celebratory days promises an…

Great news minami pen 7 days a week

Sushi every day

Enjoy Sushi Every Day at Minami Sushi in Edinburgh Craving sushi in Edinburgh? At Minami Sushi, we celebrate the art of sushi with our doors open every single day. Join us for an extraordinary sushi experience from 12 PM to…

Sushi for Romantic Date in Edinburgh

Valentine Day

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Exquisite Sushi in Edinburgh at Minami Sushi This Valentine’s Day, immerse yourself in the romantic ambiance of Minami Sushi, Edinburgh’s premier sushi destination. Our specially curated Valentine’s Day menu promises an enchanting evening filled with exquisite…

Artisan Sushi Set 2 arranged on a bamboo mat, a must-have for luxury dining and sushi lovers.

Free Sushi set 2 (1 Kilogem sushi) PROMO

Enter Chance to Win a 1kg Set! Promotion Ended, Winner – Order №3498 Olesia Pryima Join our exciting sushi giveaway! Order online or book a table to win a 1kg sushi set. Increase your chances by engaging with us. Contest…

Selbrate Bithday with Sushi

Minami Sushi ( Ukrainian )

Українські Суші в Единбурзі Відкриття українського ресторану суші в Единбурзі стало справжньою сенсацією у 2023 році. Вперше в Шотландії представлено унікальне поєднання японської кухні з українським сервісом. Чому Українські Суші ? Українські суші пропонують неперевершений смак завдяки свіжим інгредієнтам та…

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