Business Lunch 1

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Every working day from 12 to 3 pm

Embark on a lunchtime journey with Edinburgh’s finest Business Lunch 1. Savor the Miso Soup, select your Maki and drink. Save more, enjoy more.

Miso soup 320g

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Business Lunch 1 Deal • Save on Sushi in Edinburgh

Every working day from 12 to 3 pm

Edinburgh’s Saver Business Lunch Offer:

Revitalize your workday in Edinburgh with our exclusive Business Lunch 1 deal. Every working day, from 12 to 3 PM, take a moment to recharge with a meal that promises both delight and savings.

Starter – Miso Soup:

Begin your culinary journey with a warm, comforting bowl of Miso Soup. At 320g, it’s a generous portion to soothe your senses and prepare your palate for the flavors to come.

Main Course – Custom Maki Selection:

Customize your meal with our varied Maki selection. Choose from succulent: Maki Salmon, refined Crab, crisp Cucumber, or creamy Avocado — each roll is a 110g masterpiece of taste.

Beverage Selection:

To complete this unparalleled dining experience, select a canned drink from our diverse range. Whether you prefer the traditional Green tea, the refreshing Oolong tea, or something else from our beverage range, we have the perfect accompaniment to your meal +2.5£ .

Our Business Lunch 1 is not just a meal; it’s an opportunity to escape the day’s hustle. It’s a chance to enjoy a curated selection of Japanese cuisine that’s both satisfying and economical. Save over £10 and indulge in a lunch experience that’s unmatched in Edinburgh.

Vegeterian Dishes in Minami Sushi Edinburgh Can be Vegeterian

All possible allergens Business Lunch 1 :

More details about the allergen in each dish. You can find it in our establishment or on the page of each item.

Sesame Alergens – Sesame
Fish Alergens – Fish
Allergens Crustaceans in Minami Sushi Edinburgh– Crustaceans
Allergen: Soy – Soy

+ Any Maki

Salmon, Crab, Cucumber, Avocado


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