Salmon Avocado Roll


Nori, Rice, Salmon, Avocado, Sesame
Dive into a flavorful ocean adventure with our Salmon Avocado Roll! Indulge in 200g of succulent salmon and creamy avocado wrapped in seasoned rice. A delectable delight for a quick gourmet experience.
Fish Alergens – Fish
Sesame Alergens – Sesame

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Delight in our Salmon Avocado Roll, a 200g serving of fresh flavors. Firstly, the roll combines rich salmon with creamy avocado. Secondly, the sesame seeds add a crunchy texture. Moreover, the nori brings a crisp, oceanic taste.

Also, the perfectly cooked rice complements the roll’s heartiness. Furthermore, each ingredient is chosen for maximum freshness. Indeed, this roll is perfect for a nutritious, quick lunch. Additionally, it’s great for an on-the-go snack or a simple, yet elegant dinner.

In conclusion, the Salmon Roll is a classic favorite. It’s a delicious balance of health and flavor. Enjoy this staple of Japanese cuisine at an excellent price.


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