San Pellegrino


Refresh your day with San Pellegrino, priced at just £3.50. A symbol of Italian elegance, perfect for any occasion in Edinburgh

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Sparkle with Elegance: Indulge in our San Pellegrino, priced at £3.50. This iconic sparkling mineral water, sourced from the Italian Alps, arrives in Edinburgh to refresh and rejuvenate.Key Features: Experience the crisp taste:

  • Mineral-Rich: Naturally carbonated, imbued with essential minerals.
  • Sophisticated Refreshment: Perfect for dining or a refreshing break.
  • Eco-Friendly Packaging: Housed in a sleek, recyclable glass bottle.

Refreshing and Pure: Each sip offers a taste of Italian luxury, making any moment a celebration.

Perfect Anytime: Ideal for a refined lunch or a sophisticated dinner in Edinburgh.


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