Waverley Sushi


Mamenori with eel: Soy paper, Rice, Phila, Tobiko, shrimp, Eel, Spicy sauce, Sesame
Discover the allure of our Waverley Sushi Roll, a 265g ensemble of smoky eel and sweet shrimp, wrapped in soy with a spicy sauce and sesame finish. Ideal for an exquisite, swift indulgence. Taste this Japanese culinary craft.

Fish Alergens – Fish
Allergen: Dairy in Minami Sushi Edinburghs – Dairy
Allergens Crustaceans in Minami Sushi Edinburgh– Crustaceans
Sesame Alergens – Sesame
Allergen: Soy – Soy

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Step into a realm of refined taste with the Waverley Sushi Roll, a 265g creation that celebrates the complexity of the sea. Each slice offers a delicate balance of flavors. Begin with shrimp, its sweetness dances with the smokey whispers of eel. Soy paper, light and savory, envelops the perfect bed of rice and Phila.

Then, tobiko adds a salty crunch, bursting like tiny jewels. The spicy sauce provides a bold contrast, a fiery touch to the ensemble. Finally, sesame seeds sprinkle the top, giving a nutty echo to the medley.

This roll is a crafted spectacle, promising an ensemble of textures. Ideal for those seeking a luxurious bite, it’s a testament to sushi craftsmanship. Savor this roll, where every ingredient is chosen with intention, every flavor, a note in a grander culinary symphony. Enjoy this indulgence, where excellence and artistry meet.


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