Phila Mango Black


Rice, Nori, Philа, Mango, Tobiko, Salmon

Delight in the tropical twist of our Phila Mango Black, featuring 280g of creamy Philadelphia cheese and ripe mango atop seasoned rice with a savory sauce and crispy tobiko. Ideal for an invigorating, flavorful meal. Enjoy this innovative Japanese fusion.
Fish Alergens – Fish
Allergen: Dairy in Minami Sushi Edinburghs – Dairy

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Experience the fusion of flavors with our Phila Mango Black, a 280g creation that marries the richness of the sea with tropical zest. Each slice is a harmonious blend, beginning with the velvety smoothness of cream cheese.

Next, the lush sweetness of mango unfolds, contrasting beautifully with the sushi’s savory notes. The nori adds a crisp, oceanic layer, enveloping the seasoned sushi rice. Meanwhile, the tobiko provides a salty crunch, a nod to the sushi’s marine roots.

To complete this edible tapestry, succulent salmon crowns the arrangement, offering a tender, flavorful embrace. Each piece of Phila Mango Black is a testament to our culinary craftsmanship, promising an invigorating, luxurious bite.

This sushi selection is perfect for those who seek adventure in their meals. It’s crafted to awaken the senses, promising a fresh, exotic journey with each bite. Available for just £16.95, it’s a small price for an extraordinary escape. Indulge in this unique blend where the sea meets the sun, and delight in the art of sushi reimagined.


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