Spicy Tuna Tartarus


Rice, Nori, Philа, Avocado, Tuna, Tobiko, Spicy sauce

Experience the thrill with our Spicy Tuna Tartarus, featuring 250g of vibrant tuna and creamy avocado, enlivened with a bold spicy sauce and crispy tobiko. Ideal for a zesty, satisfying bite. Seize this fiery Japanese delight.

Fish Alergens – Fish
Allergen: Dairy in Minami Sushi Edinburghs – Dairy

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Ignite your palate with our Spicy Tuna Tartarus, a fiery 250g creation designed to thrill the senses. This dish brings together the zest of freshly diced tuna and the velvety caress of avocado, each piece a canvas for flavor.

Swathed in a layer of nori, the sushi rice becomes a bed for this vibrant mélange. A generous helping of spicy sauce weaves through the tuna, bringing a wave of heat that’s both invigorating and balanced. Meanwhile, the tobiko sprinkled atop adds an irresistible oceanic crunch, bursting with the fresh taste of the sea.

Then, the smoothness of Phila enriches the texture, creating a creamy counterpoint to the crispness of the rice. Each roll is an artful blend of tradition and innovation, offering a unique take on the classic sushi experience.

This Spicy Tuna Tartarus isn’t just food, it’s a fiery journey. Ideal for those seeking a quick but memorable meal, it’s an accessible gourmet option that promises quality in every spicy, savory bite. Indulge in this passionate embrace of flavors and let the journey begin.


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